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January 26, 2012:

Quiznos narrowly avoided bankruptcy this week. The recession and poor management have hit the Denver-based sub-maker hard. The company once boasted more than 5,000 restaurants, but 40 percent of them have now shut their doors.

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Santorum Grabs Surprise Win in Colorado Caucus

Rick Santorum surprised the political establishment by handily winning Colorado’s GOP Presidential caucuses last night. In fact, the former Senator swept all of Tuesday’s contests, winning in Missouri and Minnesota as well. The victories gave some much needed momentum to Santorum’s once fading campaign.  Colorado Public Radio’s Ben Markus has this report. LISTEN

Apartment Construction Booms in Denver

The housing crisis has stalled home building.  But apartment construction has come back to life.  There’s now a huge pool of people forced to rent because of the recession.  CPR's Ben Markus reports that apartment construction is booming in response. LISTEN